Sunday, May 3

Humboldt Themed Movies

A customer was asking about the series "Eureka" yesterday, prompting me to realize there have been more and more Humboldt references in entertainment lately. There have been a fair share of movies filmed up here, but rarely do we get chosen as a setting. I guess we're not so far from L.A.

"Eureka"-- Haven't watched the show, but I think it borrows the name and not much else.

"The L Word"-- Apparently this show has a spin-off (update: Showtime has not picked the spin-off, bummer): a prison soap opera . It sounds to me like Pam Grier's career has come full circle. The new show's setting: Humboldt State Farm and Prison for Women.

"Lost" -- Had a back story where the Locke character goes to the Pacific Northwest working for a farm. Only later does he discover its secret crop...

"Humboldt County"-- I've been avoiding this one. It was shot in Humboldt, which is more than the other shows can say, so it might be worth watching for location spotting.

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  1. Not to mention David Arquette's well-meaning "Reggae on the River" inspired slasher: THE TRIPPER. The one where Paul Rubens (that's Pee-Wee y'all) plays a right-wing nut job killing a bevy of stoned festival goers. Though actually filmed in Santa Cruz, the story is doubtlessly based on our very own homespun So.Hum gathering.